Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Broadened Perspective

I had never knowingly seen that young lady's smiling face prior to seeing her on the news last night. Now, because of the effect it has had on me, I will remember her for years to come and will be praying for her. I may never know her name and she may never know mine, but some degree of separation was lessened as a result. A bridge was built. I can honestly say that I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful that God "put her in my path". I'm even finding myself becoming thankful for her.

Why shouldn't I be thankful for her? She's an opportunity to love and serve. She's a gift from God. God's gifts are often initially hard to understand, as it was hard for me to do so last night. With a little perspective though and acceptance, it's amazing how many times He makes sense....even when He makes no sense, if that makes any

That precious young lady meant me no harm. She made no action against me. She just didn't know any better. She didn't know a man like me would be watching. And she deserves more from me. She deserves my understanding. She has need of my love and compassion. She has need of my patience. For whatever reason, during her interview, she lacked the perspective that my Lord would have me have for her.

An added benefit, that I'm experiencing even as I write this, is peace. I'm so peaceful now about last nights struggle that I'm border line happy about the whole thing. It's been a healing experience. Looking at things through the Lord's eyes restores things in ways we often never see, with our own eyes, possible. Thank God He's not bound by the possible.

I now have love for this person in my heart and will remember her in my prayers. God is good. How can I not be thankful for her now?

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