Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Free: An Email sent to On The Case w/ Paula Zahn

I sent this, in an email, yesterday to a producer with Discovery Investigation's "On The Case w/ Paula Zahn".

"I use to sing this even while I was locked up and dance to it with hands lifted to the Lord in my cell. When I sang this and others like it, it was like I wasn't even in that place. I was free in heart and mind. Glory!!! God was/is/always will be good :)...

Writing that just brought tears to my eyes. I haven't heard that song since I got released. Hearing it now, considering where I was the last time I heard it, just overwhelmed me. I'm a blessed man."

Over the upcoming weekend, much is going to be said about this weeks addition of 48hrs Mystery. The show will reveal the evil and sorrow of the events mentioned. The nation and world will get a glimpse into the horror two families have endured for over a decade and a half. Take this away as well though. Despite the murder and mayhem portrayed, Jesus is still Lord & resurrected. He is still good. He is still able. He has remained and will continue to be.

Listening to that song yesterday reminded me of all the times I believed in Him, even while in the midst of it all. Listen to it. If you're having a hard time believing you're blessed, I'm just gonna believe (for you) that shortly after you listen, or maybe even while your listening, your eyes will begin to see more clearly, than ever, just how gracious and amazing the love and kindness of God is in your matter what may come, has come or is! God is good.


  1. God Bless You Josh! You have a lot of supporters on facebook and I'm sure you'll have even more after saturday!! If you're on facebook look me up.. username is tripledogdareya

  2. Oh... if you have already set up a facebook account.. look me up under Lisa Campbell Sollenberger

    I really enjoy watching 48 hours every Saturday night. I have and will always believe in justice and hope to one day have a career in forensics or a private investigator ( that is my passion)

  3. Amen Josh..... God is good!! Your stories are very powerful and tear jerking. Wow... you have come a long way and so many people are proud of you. We are all blessed and I will continue to pray for justice to be served. You are one tough and amazing individual