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Freedom Walk: A 5K Walk to benefit the victims of modern day slavery via Human Trafficking. May 23 2010 @ 2PM in Columbia, Missouri

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Local and International Groups Join Forces to Fight Modern Day Slavery

(Columbia MO) “When you know without a doubt that it could be you in their spot and them in yours... you fight human trafficking with a different kind of motivation... or at least I do.” Deb Montague is the Compassion Ministries Director at Christian Chapel (C2) and is passionate about this global epidemic that is happening in our own backyard. For that reason C2 Church is partnering with the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition and internationally with Project Rescue. These organizations have done amazing work and have helped many women and children find freedom.

Human Trafficking is finally working it’s way to the front of the line in Human Rights related causes, Hillary Clinton recently stated, “Bringing an end to the global trade in people is a priority for the United States in keeping with American values that place a premium on human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. I am confident that together we can make a difference, all over the world, in the lives of people deprived of their freedom."

On Sunday May 23rd the Freedom Walk will highlight the atrocity of human trafficking. Compassion minded individuals from all over central Missouri will join forces to raise both awareness and funds to fight human trafficking both in our own backyard and across the globe. Funds raised during this event will help these organizations continue the fight for the most basic right of freedom for all.

Why the need for the Freedom Walk? There are 27 million [number of people currently enslaved around the world] good reasons to organize and promote this walk. Thank God that none of those reasons are your daughter, son, wife, friend or loved one. Unfortunately for millions this is not the case. Even in Columbia MO there have been 9 rescued victims in Mid Missouri in the past 2 years. There are many other documented cases and rescued victims throughout the state of Missouri. Cases of human trafficking have been documented in all 50 states and especially in
91 cities. [Source: CMSHTC, Free the Slaves]

~Did you know that there are over 27 million people held in slavery today? -

~Did you know that there are more than double the number of slaves today than the number of Africans enslaved during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. –

~Did you know that most slaves are sold by traffickers into prostitution for as little as $150? Their average age is 13.-

~Did you know that two children are sold every minute for sexual exploitation... 59...58...57...56..."

~"Modern-day slavery is the third largest criminal enterprise, after drugs and weapons." - U.S. Department of State

~Over 200,000 children are at high risk for sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in the United States every year." -University of Pennsylvania

~Each year, more than 2 million children are exploited in the global commercial sex trade."-UNICEF

A 5K Walk to benefit the victims of modern day slavery. May 23 @ 2PM.
Location: Forum MKT Trail
Join us for a walk, some fellowship and to play a part in ending global slavery. A $10 entry donation is appreciated.
For more information or to sign up email

For more information and interviews please contact:
Compassion Ministries Director C2 Church
Deb Montague


Help us come out by the thousands. Help us make a statement that will have to be respected and heard by our government. Help us make a noise that will resound in the halls of every chamber of the White House and Congress. Help us help others.

Break the chains.

..."We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." The Declaration of Independence.

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