Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Call to Remember and Regroup

How many of us have forgotten 9/11? How many of us have forgotten our determination to stand together and against those who attacked us?

We've all seen the recent news coverage on the failed car bombing attempt in New York's Times Square. Whether the attacker [terrorist] was one man or a group of conspirators who attempted this, the intent was to inflict fear.

I say we respond in the spirit of the opposite and stand up in faith and with a new found courage. I say we use it, as a reminder and a catalyst, to regroup ~ stand together once again as a country united (not divided as we've been over Bush and Obama and over White House politics) and support our troops more than ever.

Of course, I've never been one to shy away from speaking my mind.


  1. I am the daughter of a navy firefighter, the grandaughter of an army medic.My Grandpa still from time to time still suffers from things related to WWII. Waging War isn't suppose to be a good thing, our country needs to
    quit handing out an ice pack with an ass woopin. Political affiliation shouldn't apply. Punish those responcible and Prey for the safty of our soldiers.

  2. Joshua,

    I just watched the program that aired today (5/16/10) about you. I couldn't stop crying (both happy and sad tears). I am amazed that, in spite of what you went through, you stand firm and unwavering in your Christian faith. May our Lord, Jesus Christ, continue to keep you steadfast in Him. I will be following your blog; so, please post some tips on how people like me can be of any assistance to you and any cause(s) you may decide to take up.

    With admiration from Los Angeles, CA.