Saturday, October 30, 2010

November 3rd 2010 "Hope Road" Fundraiser

I received this, in an email thread, from a friend. I reached out to the producer and have exchanged emails with her. It appears as if she sincerely wants to impact the lives of others throughout this country and, possibly, the world. She has a heart for this issue. I thought you'd like to know. She could use your practical and prayer support. 

Blessings, Josh 

I am producing a film called Hope Road which focuses on the sexual exploitation of our children and youth. You can view the trailer by clicking on the link in this paragraph. This film is focusing on the solution NOT the problem, there is enough footage on the problem. Will you read this email and view my website to get a full understanding of our work? Then join us at the IMPROV at Zona Rosa (7260 Northwest 87th Street, Kansas City, MO 64153-1934) on Wednesday, November 3rd at 6 pm in support of Hope Road, a movie which will deal with the needs to battle sexual exploitation of children and youth. There is no charge for this event however, it is a fund raiser and we'll be asking for donations. Your donations are completely tax deductible. AND - will you please forward this email to your email group? Frankly, I need your help and forwarding this on will make a difference.
The issue of Domestic Sexual Exploitation of Of Children and Youth is becoming more and more evident and focus on finding victims is in process. However, what do we do with children and youth when we find them? Space is either non-existant or extremely limited. Working to End Sexual Exploitation is a calling so many of us share.  From providing therapy to survivors of sexual exploitation, to education, medical and psychological needs as well as learning social skills will be necessary for rehabilitation. We currently have almost none of this in place.  This film will be given to those of us working in this world - what a gift helping us raise funds, train and educate where it's needed. 
We believe the change this film can bring to our community and communities across the country is great.  For example, when the film is produced, it will serve as a powerful tool to 1) educate providers (from law enforcement to school teachers and from social service providers to physical and mental health care professionals) 2) influence law and policy 3) empower communities across the country to build their own anti-sexual exploitation efforts 4) assist non-for-profit agencies that serve survivors in raising their own funds for Sexual Exploitation Survivor Services; etc.  We need you to make this great change become a reality.
Sponsors include Kansas City Alliance Against Human Trafficking, Healing House, Kansas Attorney General's Office, The Wichita Children's Home, Sunflower House and Cress. Also supporting the effort is MOCSA Metropolitan Organization To Counter Sexual Assault

While nothing is funny about the problem of sexual exploitation, the program for the evening will include The Funniest Housewives of Orange County, including comedian Cindy Burns and a viewing of the trailer for Hope Road.  Please view the flyer that is attached to this e-mail in PDF format. Cindy Burns and troupe will be performing at 6 and 8pm. The 6pm show is by invitation only. 

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 3rd at 6:00. Please contact Susan Cook at 816-716-0330 or for reservations or questions.

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  1. Checked out the website and especially found the Girl Effect Project very moving. Going to forward this site to a couple friends.