Sunday, November 7, 2010

ABC News release done today on my story ...and some words of my own on the matter. Please post a comment direct on ABC's comment section on this link. 

Some of you may want to comment on this ABC News Facebook post. The more attention it gets, the better it is for other stories similar to mine 

A friend of mine has been reading through some of the comments on ABC News' Facebook post and she asked me a question.

"People should read your case file and blog before they judge you. Does that bother you?" My answer to her and to the rest of you. "It's life. Everyone goes through that in some fashion,, it doesn't bother me."

Those who think and judge like them are just under the illusion that they are somehow untouchable. They think they're exempt from things, such as this, happening to them, so they think that gives them the right to condemn others and overestimate their own citizenship, safety and opinion.

That's sad though, because to live a life that mentally revolves around yourself is a cowards way out. To not care because it's not likely to happen to you is spineless and shameful.

People mess up. It happens. That's the reality of life. It's the reality of juries. Men are sent to prison, sometimes death on account of their mistakes or misdeeds. I once faced the death sentence. Thank God I wasn't given it. I would have been dead before my exoneration, if that would have happened. I hope and pray we all understand just how serious this fight is. People's lives are at stake....sometimes their deaths are too.

I hope and pray the people who would choose to oppose this do not themselves someday face the fears and struggles I came to know. I really do.

Our Lord Jesus is our example. He came and died for our sins (all of our sins). He cared about more than Himself. He could have chosen to not die, but He rather chose to die...because His love extends beyond His own concerns. It extends to us all. So, He died and subsequently rose from the dead 3 days later....for us ALL. He loved [loves] us that much. Amazing!

So, please don't get angry with them. Care about them. It's America. They have a right to express opinions, regardless of how ridiculous and unfounded they may be. Rather, pray for them. Hearts such as theirs need our prayers and our love, not our rage. 

There are two ways to deal with our wounds. One is through rage. The other is One acts out and brings the reckoning. The other reaches out and offers forgiveness. I'm asking those of you who support me, and I've noticed that it's the majority of those commenting on my story, to deal with this in love. 

There has been so much wreckage already. So many lives have been damaged. So much hate thrown around. People have been put through everything from death to prison and the annihilation of reputations. Some of it has been earned. Kenny Hulshof and the police who manipulated the death of Lawless and my imprisonment for the furtherance of their own careers have earned the ridicule and loss of fame and name they've incurred upon themselves. Still yet....this is exactly where love is needed. This is exactly where forgiveness can do it's most.

The Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ is our example. It's mine.

So, fight the good fight. Fight for justice and the exoneration of our brothers and sisters still locked away unjustly. Fight for what's right and against what's wrong, but, please, do so with love. Love conquered the Cross. Love can conquer the hate and destruction this case and others like it have rendered as well. 


  1. Great post, my friend! I am encouraged by what you wrote!!

    (BTW, I just bookmarked your blog, and I will check updates everyday!)

  2. Thank you for sharing that. You are right everyone has a right to their own opinion's, but I would hope that all would read about our case's and not read between the lines but every line. There are so many who are innocent yet still in prison, and I know that what God did for me He will do for others. Never lose faith. God is there, even when we think not.

  3. I can't believe some of the mean comments some people make, one day they will realize that mistake, and understand... You have such a beautiful and forgiving heart Josh, we could all learn a thing or two from you :)

    love you my friend

  4. Josh as always I enjoy reading your posts, and it is through the exemplified life and heart of Christ that enables every single humble word.

    Many people may not comprehend the importance of forgiveness nor agree with dealing with wounds with love, but I for one certianly do understand and appreciate the reminder of reacting in love, not hate. Can hurts be reversed by man, can those inner scars be removed, the reminders of the hand dealt in situations that have caused them? Probably not, but through Christs' healing touch the pain can be erased and it is a process that can only happen if we allow Him in. Rage and hatred births forth more rage and hatred, an endless cycle of unhealthy emotions that can lead to more hurts, and for what purpose? It is draining and useless, that I can testify to.

    We are living in a society where negative reactions are expected when accusations run rampid and it breeds gossip and at times violence, all of which the media eats up. However, when those who have been wronged are expected to respond with anger and bitterness do not, instead walk in forgiveness and are not afraid nor ashamed to confess that it is through Christ that love not animosity leads their hearts, it is surprising to some. And, it leaves some speechless, but for others, it gleans the opportunity in their minds to speak what they feel SHOULD be said.

    However wrong that may be, the reaction you give Josh is priceless, and it gives people a chance to see the Light within you which many will be drawn to. Jesus said that if He be lifted up He will draw all men to Himself, and you are lifting up the Name of Christ, through your testimony and through your reacting in His love. This is a testimony that becomes more and more powerful as the Name is given His rightful place.

    Jesus prayed (pray)daily for people and He loved (loves) them, even those that were on either side of Him on Golgotha. And as our advocate and lover of our souls, His prayers are still for us, and so is His love. It is a love that you put into practice every second of every day Josh, an example that we all need to adopt. Because no matter how much is done or said against us by whomever, it is through Jesus Christ that we are empowered to respond in forgiveness and love, just as you are showing and living in your daily walk in and with Him. Thank you again Josh for sharing the true heart of Christ. God bless you.