Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jesus, The King Of The Fools

Sometimes I want to cry
But my tears stay repressed,
Refusing to move
Despite my protest
Sometimes I want to groan,
Scream words I detest
But my voice, she too fails me
Despite my request
Sometimes I want to sit down
But the world makes me stand
And so I keep marching
Despite my demands
And in these strange moments
Exposed as a fool
I know of just one person
Whom I can turn to
The King of the fools
The King of the weak
The King of the hurting
The King of the meek
The King who identifies
With those in their faults
And lifts their heads up,
The King who exalts
And so I’m exalted,
Yet not through my works
But through my King Jesus
Who heals my hurts
The King of the fools
The King of the weak
The King of the hurting
The King of the meek
And so I have hope
For my King never fails
To hold me through weakness
Till his strength prevails
The King of the saints
The King of the strong
The King of all grace
To whom I belong!
Written by Mick Mooney


  1. Good evening,
    I just saw your case for the very first time on 48 hours, investigation discovery channel and I cried my eyes out. I came from a dysfunctional family as well and it seems like I have always been judged by it so it felt like your nightmare could have happened to anyone and it really made me sad/mad. I was originally going to write and suggest you sue each person individually but then the ending stated that you accepted a settlement. I just could not believe what I was hearing on the television. NO evidence, only 17 years old, people lying saying they saw you, the horror of it etc. I could not even cry for the young gal that was murdered because your ordeal felt so overwhelmingly and personally upsetting to me. Like I was even mad at her family because they did not realize an innocent teen went to a hell prison cell for a murder he did not commit. I have had numerous tragedies in my own life but nothing even close to this and it shook my inner core for some reason and I felt compelled to write/post a comment. I am sure a day there felt more like a million and I just cannot grasp how you got through it. I mean, I am a baptized believer as well but I have never seen strength/faith/belief like this except when they did crucify Jesus. It makes my own complaints/personal bitterness/anger and sadness about my past sound like a baby bedtime story compared with your true life ordeal of hell. I even thought my job was hell for sixteen years and made those prison lines on the brick wall for every year I was there but I know now that it was not hell or a prison cell like I believed it to be. All the things we complain about on a daily basis are dissolved to dust bunnies after seeing injustice like yours and so many others. I do not know you but I am so sorry this happened to you. I know you have moved on/let go/forgave/forgive and doing better but I just saw the hour long program so it is still fresh on my mind and I sit in disbelief.
    God Bless YOU for the next 70 years and of course eternally. May you enjoy your freedom and every single bit of happiness life has to offer. Do everything you ever wanted to do and more. Wishing you health/happiness/safety and wealth today and for the rest of your free life.
    Sincerely, (Natalie)

  2. Great poem! Where did you find it? I'm glad to see you posting again! I hope you had a great birthday and anniversary. Did you get my card? Hope so. I hope you celebrated both special events in some way. :-)