Thursday, September 8, 2011

Urgent! A Special Request For An Innocent Man Scheduled For Death, This Month, On September 21st

Troy Davis needs our help! 

"Hi Josh. I was wondering if you could post something about supporting Troy Davis and getting people to sign the petition against the state of Georgia putting him to death on 9/21. This makes me so sick! We've got to save him! I have posted it on both Ryan's and my page (on Facebook) if you'd like to copy and paste his picture and the website where people can go. Thank you so much! Hope you're doing well." Kelly Ferguson. 

I'd like to introduce you to Troy.

Take a look at his face. Kelly's a dear friend. Her brother's Ryan Ferguson. Most of you have noticed on here and elsewhere the fight I've put up for him. Ryan's a dear friend of mine, but this isn't about Ryan or me ... or is it? 

Look at his face. He's a man, a human being, a living and breathing life, God's creation. He's not just a story, a headline, a name, a number, a case file, an inmate, on death row. He's flesh and blood. He's God's creation. He's our brother, someone's son and a friend to others. Does he have kids? A wife? Please consider all of this. 

Innocence is innocence. Exonerating one of us is a victory for us all. Killing one of us is ... yeah. You guessed it. It's like killing us all. Please help us stop Troy's execution. 

Admittedly, I don't know as much about this case as Kelly, but if she believes him and supports him, so do I. It's that simple. I trust her ear, her heart and her character that much.  

Please. Go to the following link and voice your support for Troy. Thank you.


  1. I attended Troy Davis Evidentiary hearing last year. I heard the many witnesses and their recantations. Troy Davis is innocent. The real criminal terrorized the youths who were coerced to lie. There is a pattern to these cases that was very prevalent at that period of time. Many have been exonerated. i.e. Marty Tankleff, Jeff Deskovic, Ray Krone and hundreds of others.

  2. This comment hasn't anything to do with Troy Davis's personal plight, but rather, a simple attempt to get a message to Joshua Kezer.Mr. Kezer, tonight I watched the CBS 48hrs special on your story for the second time this year. Through both viewings and the gut instinct the Lord gave me,I truly believed/believe in your innocence and am truly grateful for your release and exhoneration.I just felt the urgent need to reach out to you and tell you that someone in Tennessee that doesn't know anyone involved with the case, not even you personally, thinks of you with a smiling heart and remembers you in their prayers and wishes you the best future possible to hopefully override the ugliness of the past. Im posting this on your blog because I do not have a computer or internet access, nor email so I have no way to email you directly.I just happened to steal a few moments on a relatives computer because I just had to tell you that I am in your corner and love you as my Christian brother and that I'll keep you and the people whos causes you are championing in my prayers.Your sister/friend in Christ in Tn. Ms.Cooper

  3. I should have updated this a while ago. Sadly, as many of you know, Troy was executed, murdered by the state of Georgia.

  4. Thank you, Ms. Cooper. I appreciate your kind words.