Saturday, November 16, 2013

To slap or not to slap? There's no question! Is there?

"The slap of a friend can be trusted to help you, but the kisses of an enemy are nothing but lies." Proverbs 27:6 

See!!!! The scripture agrees with my approach, but people ... people just don't seem to get it. Prison didn't set me back. It set me up to slap others around ... according to the scripture. #feelinghumorous #ooorrramI #hhhhmmmm

"There was no stopping Smith Wigglesworth. He was a flame for God, and the fire fell wherever he went. He said: "I believe God's ministers are to be flames of fire. Nothing less than flames. Nothing less than mighty instruments, with burning messages, with hearts full of love. They must have a depth of consecration, that God has taken full charge of the body, and it exists only that it may manifest the Glory of God." 

He was certainly possessor of an audacity, a daring, a boldness the like of which has rarely been seen in Christendom in modern times. It was not uncommon for him to announce in his meetings: "Every sermon that Christ preached was prefaced by a model miracle. We are going to follow His example. The first person in this large audience that stands up, whatever his or her sickness, I'll pray for that one and God will deliver him or her." And the first person to stand, even if they were the most deformed cripple, would be healed!

On one typical occasion, a man came forward for prayer for stomach pain, and, commanding the pain to be gone, Wigglesworth punched the man in the stomach so hard that he was sent half way across the room, completely healed! This kind of thing happened more than once. Wigglesworth believed in commanding the sick to be healed in Jesus' name. His was an aggressive, holy faith. He was a "violent" man, taking ground from the devil by force. And yet he was also a man of great compassion ... The devil certainly felt it when Smith Wigglesworth hit town!" Andrew Strom #keepingitreal #sometimesbeatingthehelloutofpeopleislovingthehelloutofpeople #justsaying

Disclaimer. This is meant for humor. I haven't prophesied that thou shouldest slap thine neighbors. Love your neighbor.

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  1. This was a good and healthy laugh today, thank you! Love it!!!