Saturday, March 13, 2010

On My Way to New York, I Witnessed Music

I went to Manhattan, New York on the 11th and 12th to share my story with Discovery Investigation's On The Case w/ Paula Zahn. I stayed at the Tribeca Hilton Garden Inn on 6 York St. It was an interesting experience.

On the flight, I sat next to a female Chinese violinist and composer. She was travelling to Paris. She was preparing for a world tour. I watched as she read her music, erased and corrected, patiently reread and then mocked played with her hands, wrists & fingers. What must have been going through her mind. The music without the noise must have been so beautiful.

An hour or so into our trip, after watching her and admiring her work, I told her about my friend...Michael Ingram. His story was intriguing to her. I shared his travels and schooling. I told her of his personality and determination. I shared his parents both came from the ghetto. One from Kansas City, the other from Detroit. She heard of their successes. One runs an inner city community center, the other's a physician. I shared the development of our friendship. What I had to say about Michael and his family brought a smile to her face. Telling it brought a smile to mine.

She shared with me how she had recently moved to America. Her husband was an American. They had recently decided, as a family, to move from China to America. They had done so for their child. They thought the cultural change would be good for their 13 year old. She and her husband are seasoned and they wanted the same for their child. I thought that was sweet.

Hearing her tell her story brought a smile to my face. I'm sure she saw that as well.

To know worship more personally than anything else. To know music that way. What a blessing that would be. I've known that before. I know the hunger for it now. I know it in my heart. I went to New York to share my story. On my way there, through the violinist, He increased in me a desire to know more of His.

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