Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pray For These and Their Families: Rest In Peace, Mischelle

If your interested in my case, I recommend you access this site, read the article and access the interview links and related links.


  1. I just saw your story tonight on 48 hours and it touched my heart. I am glad that you know that our God loves you so much despite the bad things that have happened to you. You passed the ultimate of trials. I don't know if I could so easily forgive as you did and you have set a great example of a Christian to others struggling out there. I see your face on tv and the things you've written in your blog, and it really seems you have found true joy in the lord..despite what has happened to you and being in jail. Praise God for that. I hope you get your justice and that you win in your lawsuit against sheriff ferrell. Thank God for people like Sheriff Walter and your social worker friend who fight for justice. Amen!

  2. I also just saw your story on 48 hours mystery tonight. You are such an inspiration. God set an innocent man free! Being in prison for sixteen years knowing that you were wrongfully accused of murder must have been hard on you. Good luck with the lawsuit and continue to praise our awesome God! I truly hope that justice will be served to the guilty person(s) that actually commited such an awful crime. Joshua, You should highly consider setting up a facebook profile for justice in this case.
    By the way.... you are a good looking man

  3. In your story tonight it said you were working for reforms to the justice system. For many years I have thought the most needed reform is the prohibition of jail house snitch testimony about what he has overheard the accused say. I am and have always been astounded that remunerated testimony is allowed. If the defense gives a witness (other than an expert) as much as a few dollars for their testimony it's illegal, but the prosecution can pay for testimony with a person’s life. And, in this case the people being paid to say what the prosecution wants them to are known criminals who need little or no encouragement to lie.

    I see no reason snitches cannot compensated for providing information about where evidence can be found such as the location of bodies or weapons or stolen property, etc. – things that can speak for themselves. These can be used for prosecution, but a criminal's word is worthless and worse yet when paid for.

    In your attempts to advocate for reforms I urge you to put this at the top of your list.