Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amanda McDaniel Passed Away On 5/14/2010: We'll Miss Her

This morning was the first morning Amanda's family woke up without her in their home and in their lives. They'll see her in the everlasting. Until then, they'll need our prayers and support.

Amanda passed into our Father's arms yesterday. I'm not exactly sure when it happened. I got the call last night, just before 9pm (around 8:45).

This precious young lady brought so much to Columbia Missouri and to Columbia Christian Fellowship. She left more. From the little that I know of her passing moments, I'm sure that none who were present will forget their experience.

She taught us so many things about living and dying. May the lessons we leave behind reflect the same and instill the same. Her legacy will not be forgotten. I pray mine will be remembered as well as I know her's will be.

We love you, Amanda. We'll see you when we see you.


(A Columbia Christian Fellowship Church Wide Message)

Dear Church,

It is with earthly sadness and eternal joy that we tell you that Amanda McDaniel transferred her citizenship from earth to heaven on Friday evening, May 14. She was eighteen years old and fought a long, courageous fight against osteosarcoma.

She is whole.
We are broken.

Amanda Joy McDaniel
August 12, 1991 - May 14, 2010

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