Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Josh,

Hello. I saw your story on 48 hours while home recuperating from a battle with breast cancer. I am a US federal government contractor and currently live in Kuwait. I am always seeking good Christian forces for inspiration and light for my own battle but also help my friends and loved ones carry on in their daily lives as well. I guess knowing you are given a short time to live, if they can not control this monster within me, gives me notice that life is precious and too short for petty details.

I saw your story and I wanted to tell you that your strength, determination and solid commitment to be a better person even when people were persecuting you, well...its life changing. Your story gave me strength and hope that bad things can turn into blessings. I know God has a purpose for everything and I know there is a reason I am sick right now. Maybe it is to give others encouragement and show them how to be strong. I don't know but when I saw your story, I had to see if you were on Facebook and send you this message.

You inspired a soul half a globe away to keep the faith and have hope. I wanted to thank you and send you my sincerest wishes of joy and a heart felt thank you. I would be honored to call you a friend if you need one.

Take care and God Bless ♥
Kristy C Franco


  1. Only Jesus could orchestrate what I went through in this way, reaching into this precious person's heart and circumstance from 1000s of miles away. His abilities as our loving Lord and Grand Designer never cease to amaze me.

  2. They say that people are placed in your life for reasons that are sometimes never known and perfect strangers can become saviors.I was feeling really low today and had prayed for God to take some of this pain because I have hit the end of my treatment cycle for breast cancer. It seems as if every part of my body wants to fall apart and remission is a foreign plane I will never reach. Then this program came on about Josh and I was forgetting my problems and found myself thanking God for Josh's story. His battle and how he became a solid Christian even when all hope was lost gave me me hope. I found resolution in my own heartbreak and picked myself up. I whispered to God and said thank you. I believe God presents himself in many ways that we already know about but I also believe he shows himself through dreams, hunches, and today it was through a simple television show. Josh's story was more than just a news was God answering a prayer. I look forward to Josh's inspirational words now that we have met and I am here as a testimonial that God does answer prayers. I needed a reason to believe and keep fighting. God gave me Josh Kezer...thank you dear Lord and thank you Josh Kezer for being a beacon of light for so many. Today God is GOOD and I am AMAZED as well! May God keep you and bless you. Best Wishes~

  3. Absolutely beautiful and priceless. There is no way to measure the goodness of our Lord. What an exceptional and humbling testimony from this precious individual, in the mist of her own battles. Such an inspiration. Let God and He alone be praised.

  4. This is so beautiful. God truly is awesome.

  5. Wow.....Kristy I will pray for your recovery....I too felt so compelled to write to him....I think there are no accidents in life....we were drawn to Josh with one common thread....his strong faith...he has helped me many times and I know he will be there to support you in any way that he can.....God is amazing isn't he? Sue Wolf