Saturday, October 2, 2010

Prayer Request: In Loving Memory of Makayla Overy...

Please remember my best friend Pamela and Darin Johnson's family in your prayers! Her 4 year old neice was playing in the yard of her home and got hit by a truck (driven by a woman who was not paying attention) and passed away last night... Her family is heartbroken and devastated, as any of us would be!! Please pray that God will comfort them in their time of need.  

Thank you... !

And pray for the woman who hit this precious child as well. I'm sure she's in a lot of pain right now. Remember, "Everyone needs compassion, love that never fails, forgiveness, the kindness of a Savior." Lord, let Your mercy fall on everyone involved in this tragedy. 



  1. Thank you Josh! Seeing this really brought out emotions this morning... It is easy to forget the person that is on the other side of this tragedy while dealing with the anger and grief of a loss. You are so right! Lets also pray for the lady driving the vehicle and her family , it must be very tough for them to cope with this also. God Bless.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking...yes I will pray for all involved. God bless...Peace.