Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make A Difference Tour 2010, 10/3/2010: Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night...God Willing

The hope is that by going to this, I'll get some relief inwardly. The Word of God has that effect upon hearts that hunger for it....and I'm hungry. I find myself incapable of putting into words the feelings I'm having about this event tonight. I can remember reading Lucado's books in prison. There were a couple times when his books were all I had....and God spoke so clearly to my heart through his material. One book particularly stands out. I read others and was touched by others, but In The Grip of Grace was amazing.

Since I've been out, I've gone back to my memories of the worship services we had in the joint, in the "All Faith Chapel", singing the songs of Third Day and Michael W. Smith. The emotions that go with those memories range from those that induced tears to those that inspired dancing....and still accomplish both. I cried with others and encouraged others with their music. And now I get to meet them, sit with them and worship with them...all the while remembering the guys in Jefferson City Correctional Center.

And then there's Toby Mac. Before I even got out, I felt my heart drawn to one of his songs. When I got out, I bought the C.D. just to have that song. Over the past year, that song has repeatedly spoke to my heart and reminded me of my mission in life. Recently, with all the madness of my lawsuit being settled, people trying to extort me, the press desiring a greater range of story lines with me and others attempting to promote me to new levels, I've gone back to his song....and have, once again, made it my own.

Tonight's gonna be a good night...God willing. I'm looking forward to it.

Afterwards, I'll hopefully get to catch the second half of the Bears/Giants game on Sunday Nigh Football. Da Bears!!!


  1. amen, Josh! may God continue to bless you with a hungry heart for Him!!

  2. That was the first song I heard by Toby, hit my spirit so strong...

    Having a hunger for the Lord is indescribable...thanks be to God for your continued desire for more of Him! God bless you Josh.

  3. The concert was great, but...the Bears lost to the Giants...but...the concert was great! Front row, center stage VIP was intense, and my grandmother loved it. The Lord is so good! His goodness in my life goes back before Creation, to the Cross, to the Resurrection, to the Moment I enter this status. He's amazing! Jesus is amazing! I'm so thankful I can do things like this now.