Monday, December 13, 2010


Most of us have 1,000 wishes for Christmas, while the sick and afflicted often have one ~ to get better. In honor of those who've died, suffered, survived and are still fighting, pray and ~ be the healing voice, be the healing hand, be the healing touch ~ be the answered prayer. Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your hearts. Open your doors. Be Christians. Love them like Jesus. 


  1. Somehow, I have heard of you and your case. I cannot remember where I read about it, though. I am glad you are free and living a Christian life. These are the stories that I love to hear and read about!

  2. In saying prayers for you, it hit my heart how much of a difference you have made and continue to make in the lives of so many people. I see the light of Jesus shining within you and all around you Josh, and I am blessed all the more. You walk the path He integrated in your heart and follow His example through and through and you are appreciated and loved. I feel the words you said move within my heart and gives me a strong determination to continue walking in His will in reaching out to the lonely and the lost, the sick and shut in, and those that need to know the love of Jesus. It is because of your consistancy in following the Leader that many others will be inspired to follow Him as well. God bless you have my love always.


  3. I hope your life becomes brighter and brighter Josh. All my love

  4. I just watched the 48 hours and visited this site. Am amazed by the life you lived!
    And though I didn't have to go through what you went through, your blog entries of experiences with god makes a lot of sense to me and I had so much convictions from it. it also personally hurt me to see the hurtful comments made on your news article. But I figured they just dont know Christ the way we do. God bless them.