Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prayer Request for Jane Williams' Eyes, Part 3

Prayer request update.

The surgery went well. The doctor doesn't know how long it will take for Jane's vision to come, or if it will, but the surgery went as well as it could and her retina is reattached.

One side note, perhaps the most important note. Leading up to the surgery, Jane had been praying for the Lord's presence through the surgery. Since Jane was going to be awake and conscience through the surgery, she asked the Lord to make His presence known to her.

Isaiah 26:3

Well, prior to her entering the surgical room, while she was being prepared and while she was still praying, an assistant to the doctor that would be doing the procedure came into the room Jane was in and introduced himself.

"I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Lord." Literally! That happened!

The doctor's assistant's name was actually Dr. Lord! The Lord's assistant [the doctor's] assistant's name was Dr. Lord. Are you following?....LOL!!! Praise His name!!! The Lord was all over the place in Jane's surgery and made His presence known to her. He's awesome. "The Lord" Jesus is the Great Physician!

JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me for being excited, but this testimony is awesome! No! Don't excuse me! Just get excited with me! ~ and praise Him!

In Christ, Josh

Whenever you get the chance, LIFT up the name and presence of Jesus. Jesus Christ is The Lord! His name, His presence ~ The power is in His name, in His presence! Love Him. Love His presence. Love Jesus. He loves you.


  1. Thank you for all of your prayers. Please keep praying though. Her sight isn't back yet (she's still in the healing and recovering phase), so she needs us to persevere in prayer with her.

    Blessings in Christ. Your faithfulness and continued prayers are much appreciated.

  2. WOW! Man could not have scripted it any better! He is a very present help in trouble. Glory to the Lamb that was slain.


  3. Thanks for the update...and great testimony! :-)

  4. I had to laugh with you:D...Jane has a great friend in you to point out such things and continue to seek his face on her behalf..Thanks for your zeal with life and your perserverance after such hardship in prison..mb

  5. I just spoke to Jane and she still can't see. The healing process could take a while possibly, so pray for her ability to stay positive and expectant of the resurrection power of Jesus for her eyes. The process could take days, weeks, months or .... Keep praying. Pray that Dr. Lord continues to remind her of His presence.