Monday, January 17, 2011

Please Vote Thumbs Up For Me In The Chicago Bears Playoff 4th Phase NFC Championship Contest Immediately!!!

Since this is an immediate request, I need you to participate and vote for me "immediately." They just opened the contest - and - will be closing out the votes in the next couple of days. If this dreams gonna come true for me, I'm really gonna need your involvement. It's Monday [the 17th]. The poles will close early on Wednesday [the 19th]. Please help. Please vote and help me get votes.

Here's my submission. It's titled The Real D-Fence.

I'm the guy with the black leather jacket on. Please vote for me. Cheering Da Bears on to an NFC Championship victory over the Packers would be a dream come true. Up until this past season, I had never been to a Bears game, despite being a life long fan. Please vote for me. I'd love to take my cousin to this game. I've done what I could to get to the Dallas game, the Packers Monday Night Football game, the Jets game and the recent Seahawks [Seapigeons] game. Da Bears won on every occasion. Please help me get to this game as well. God bless and thank you. Da Bears! USA!
You can leave supportive comments directly at the bottom of my page on the 4th Phase vote. Please do that also. I'd really appreciate it. I'll be so thankful for all the votes and supportive comments I can get.

Since thousands of people are going to try and win, I really need the masses to help me. I'd like to get 10 to 20 thousand votes. Please vote and help me get votes. Whether you live in this country or not, please go the link above and vote for me.


  1. I'd really appreciate it if all of you went through this blog entry, read it, voted for me and then posted it to your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other accounts.


    In addition, I'd be highly thankful if all of you sent it out to everyone on your email list.

    Winning this would be so much fun! Just trying to win has been fun, so actually winning would be more fun.

    Hey. I've never really went after anything like this. Why not try?

  2. Josh, I'm sorry... I'm trying to vote from my cell phone... Do I just click the thumbs up in the green box on the right? -Marie C.

  3. @ Marie. Yes. Click that thumbs up in the green box. ;)

  4. I voted and posted it on my Facebook page with a request that all my friends vote for you. Can we vote more than once? I'm afraid to try in case it would toss out my original vote.

  5. @ Jennifer. I think you can only vote once. Thanks for voting for me. I appreciate it.

  6. I'm a Bears fan and a Patriot. I framed that picture for my father in an 8 x 10, just yesterday. He loved it. He's a vet. I'm proud of his service in the Vietnam war. No matter what happens in this contest, whether I win or lose, the United States military and my father are winners. Da Bears