Monday, March 7, 2011

The Power To Get In, The Power To Get Out! by Tim Ross (a personal friend and brother in the Lord)

"Last year I preached a message that bears the same name as this blog. I was going through some of the messages that the Holy Spirit has given me and this one truly blesses me every time. The simple revelation that God can both get in to any situation and get us out of any situation builds faith and demolishes fear.
The revelation came through two fundamental beliefs of every Christian: 1. The virgin birth of Jesus. 2. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
In a nutshell, we believe that God both impregnated a virgin and resurrected a dead body. We believe that wholeheartedly. No pictures, no video footage. The Holy Spirit (the true Witness to these events) makes us witnesses by living His life through us. We become bold enough to testify that Jesus is Lord. Bold enough to declare that He was born of a virgin, died for our sins, and rose from the dead. We believe this. We preach this. We teach this.
Yet, when it comes to many of our own situations, we forget this. We forget the true revelation of why we even believe what we believe. We testify of Jesus’ virgin birth and resurrection from the dead not only to declare His power but also to display His power in us! If we believe that God could get IN to a virgin’s womb, how can we not believe that God can get in to our marriages, our finances, our children, our issues? If we believe that God could get Jesus OUT of a tomb, how can we not believe that God can get us out of our depression, addictions, afflictions, positions (I didn’t try to make those rhyme).
I encourage you to believe for your situation what you believe about Jesus’ situation. That God truly has The Power To Get In and The Power To Get Out! Enjoy."

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