Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Jesus, Through Kris

Dear Josh,                                                 March 5th 2011

Hey. Well, I had hoped to send you the video about what I did this evening but because it was on a military base in the Middle East, we cannot release the video publicly. So, I will tell you what happened in a land far, far away. Little did you know, you were here in spirit, mind and heart. What could I possibly mean?

A large group of men and women were leaving for Afghanistan and I was asked to give a motivational speech after two celebrities performed. Many of the people here know me and my struggle as a breast cancer survivor among other things. Many of my close friends here wanted to inspire these folks since many were afraid. Two other people spoke (a former servicemen who is now a contractor) and a triage nurse from the field. I wanted to give them faith and a peace of mind somehow. 

I was online recently and saw an article about you and how you were on Youtube speaking with such a strong heart and conviction. Seeing you speak motivated me and ... I cried. ... Then I knew what I could do.

Before these men and women, contractors, other military and friends, I spoke about strength. I talked about faith, believing in their roles as our beloved protectors and how they were not alone as they battled for our freedom. I spoke of other people who, at their most heartbreaking point, found a light at the end of the tunnel. On a giant screen above, I had cued a few people who were not celebrities or earth shattering people but they were inspirations to us all. I saved your story for last and played a few of your moments on Youtube as segments and told your story to a hushed audience. 
"I mashed clips from 48hrs Mystery, some of the youtube links posted by the semissourian and parts of another clip. I also read parts of some of your blog. What stunned most was the fact that after you were mistreated in the system and surely would have been broken, your faith gave you strength to carry on. Your ability to overcome and also help others to find their own justice when the system failed them was important to see that out of any situation, a resolution can be found. It may take time and your faith may be tested until you feel you might break but God will see you through. These words gave comfort to those going to war.
Hearing your voice with such emapthy for the incarcerated and abused in the system touched so many." Follow up message from Kris
I saw tears pouring forth and people's lives were changing because of our stories and our faith!

My heart swelled and I spoke with the word of God to see these people on their way to places we see in nightmares. Chances were some would not cross our path again and I would have to tag their coffin in shipping to the states. However, these men and women stood up, clapped and cheered. I truly believe knowing perfect strangers would pray for them and keep them close in our hearts helped a little bit and enclosed them in a hug before they left.

If you ever believe your story is not heard or falls on deaf ears, please know that is not the case. I have always expressed how your story empowered me during treatment and now as I know my remission status is shaky and probably am expecting more chemo and radiation. I look to you and what you endured. I am given a more resilient faith. You helped those men and women. They found courage, strength, hope and a faith that things can turn into something beneficial. We witnessed to people's hearts and I saw forty people walk into the chapel to be saved, Josh. Your words and the others who spoke reached out to comfort them. We will see those people in heaven again one day.

The chaplain is going to release a thank you card from some of those lives you touched and I will forward it to you so you can see in their words how you touched them. I am so proud to know someone like you. I know we have never met and you do not know me and we do not keep in touch that often but when I witness to people, your name is never far from my lips. I wish I could express how you have touched my life and others. I guess this email will have to suffice for now.

I saw that someone captured your heart and I wanted to say congratulations. She is one lucky girl. I know you have requested prayer for your situation and it is on my daily scriptures and prayer list. 

Keep an eye out for cards from the military. I will send them personally because I didn't want to give out your mailing address. I hope this finds you well, Josh. 

Sending love and prayers.

~ Kris 
"My mailing address can be given to any American soldier or group of American soldiers any time. I'm proud of the US Military." Message from myself to Kris  
"Per your request, I will forward your address to the chaplain and anyone else interested in contacting you personally. I just called them and requested that all mail be forwarded to you. If I am contacted personally by one the military, I will also forward them your contact information."
"I will be there to send anyone your way and forward anything anyone wants to send to you personally that comes to me. If you have a booking agent or anyone that can have you do talks for the military, you should really consider it. I know it would help some of these precious folks who have lost their faith after fighting up there. We are now getting more troops in to serve on the outskirts of Libya, have stationed people in Egypt and Kuwait serves as the hub for all military before their final destinations and back to the states. I see so many broken hearts and so much ... more. Without saying too much, they need pillars of strength to get through everything happening."

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  1. Deborah BeauvaisMarch 8, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    What a beautiful and inspirational letter. I hope you can see how many peoples lives you have touched, by keeping your faith in the Lord, and never giving up. As I told you once before, I was amazed, myself, by your story and your true act of forgiveness and the ability to console and comfort others who have been wrongly accused, and to have a big enough heart to even help those who are guilty but have found God and wish to be changed. You're a good man, Josh, and that is something you should be extremely proud of. Always know your heart is in the right place and your faith in the Lord is a true testament to His greatness.