Friday, March 11, 2011

A Prayer Request for a Family and a Nation 家族と国家のための祈りのリクエスト

Her grandfather's Black Irish. He's in need of prayer for healing, as he's been diagnosed, earlier this week, with pancreatic cancer. He's been hospitalized for days now.

Her grandmother's Japanese. As you may know, Japan was just hit with a massive earthquake and multiple tsunamis. Her husband's fighting for his life. Her homeland, and family, in Japan have been traumatized. She needs our prayers.

My girlfriend and her family live on the West Coast in California, wherein more tsunamis are expected to hit. She and most of her family live inland about an hour and a half in Northern Cal. There's still some concern though. Tsunamis are expected to hit the entire West Coast.  

She has a relative, in the military, based on the coast of Southern Cal that she's concerned for, a relative, in the military, based in Okinawa, family members 2 hours inland off the coast of Tokyo, an aunt and extended family in Hawaii. Hawaii has been hit by tsunamis as well.

And yet ... before the quake, the immediate concern for her family was her grandfather and his health. She loves him. Her grandmother loves him. He's the man in their lives that's meant the most. He's her father figure and grandmother's care giver. Prior to the quake that hit the nation of Japan, cancer hit their family.

I'm asking. Pray for the peace of our Lord and His compassion to reign over my girlfriend, her family and Japan. Pray for healing. And pray for restoration. Stand in faith with me. Stand in the gap with me. Trust Jesus with me.

Jesus is alive. He's Lord of all and our deliverer. He's our healer. He's our reconciliation and victor. He's our salvation and protector. Jesus is ...

Some are saying we shouldn't pray. They think it's best to leave our hopes in men. Others are crying out for prayer in this hour of need and desire our compassion, love and faith in Jesus Christ our Savior and Ever Present Help to help them through this trying time.

I say we pray. I'm asking you to pray. And when you're done praying, pray some more. Only then, pray a little more ... and then get off your knees and help someone.

It's been a trial of faith for my girlfriend and her family. Some of them believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Others don't. They ALL need our prayers and support.

Everyone in Japan and in my girlfriend's family needs our prayers. 


  1. "We got ahold of my relatives. They are okay." 2:05pm

    She was referring to her relatives in Japan.

    "My family in Hawaii is okay." 2:42pm

    Both sent via text from my girlfriend.

  2. Every morning I wake up with a new sense of God's faithfulness and mercy. Yesterday's tragedy could have been much worse for the people of Japan and the locations the Tsunamis hit and could have hit. That the damage was limited and even nonexistent in some locations is evidence of His hand and providence.