Monday, March 14, 2011

A Prayer Request for Kiyoko

Today we should know whether or not the grandfather of someone very important to me will surgically have a cancerous tumor removed from his pancreas or if he will have to have chemotherapy due to a possible and unfortunate spread of the cancer.

It's been a week since the cancer was discovered. Pray it's resolved soon. Pray for the wisdom of his physicians. And pray for his family's peace. Thank you.

Note. The granddaughter loves her grandfather like a father and will have no mention of his passing. She wants him to live. Period. She's putting her foot down and wants him to live. So, I'm asking you to pray in agreement with her and to encourage her position.

And pray for her grandmother as well, as she's native to Japan, speaks very little English, cannot drive, and has relied on her husband for everything throughout the duration of their marriage. She needs him.

In addition, I'm specifically requesting prayer for the granddaughter's peace. Kiyoko needs our prayers. Her heart has been in agony since this started last week. She's gotten very little sleep, has often been overwhelmed to the point of tears and needs some relief. She's done as well as her heart and faith have allowed. Now, she needs our help. 

Again, thank you. 


  1. Lord Jesus, reign in this and be glorified. In this, show Kiyoko's family your face and grace.

  2. May the peace of God that passes all understanding keep her heart and mind through Christ Jesus. May God's mercy and compassion literally saturate her grandfather: spirit, soul and body. Have mercy Lord God!

  3. Lord God, help Kiyoko to hold fast to her confession of faith in Christ Jesus. May her confidence be in Him, alone, as the healer. Teach her Lord to listen well and speak well.

  4. Whereas we expected to get the news on my girlfriend's grandfather's cancer treatment today, the doctor's haven't given us the news (any news) that's we've wanted. Hopefully we'll know tomorrow or the following day what they're gonna do, either surgery or chemotherapy. Please pray for healing.

  5. "The oncologist came in and said the lymph node was not reacting. The biopsy today will confirm in a day or two if it spread or not, but it looks like it didn't." Kiyoko 3:07pm