Monday, January 10, 2011

Voice Of Truth - Casting Crowns


  1. I'm so excited!!!! God's mercy is so amazing! His voice of truth has crushed under foot once again the lies of the enemy. With Rick Clay's death sentence commuted to life without parole, the next step is exoneration and life without prison.

  2. Hey brother! I love this song. I don't know you personally but my brother Gary Campbell was in the walls then transferred to JCCC. Just thought I'd see if you knew him. He shared with us excitedly when you were found innocent. God says he will never leave us no forsake us. Nice site with the exception of DUH BEARS! GO PACK GO!!!


  3. I do know him, Kassie, and remember him. I hope he's doing well. Tell him I said to keep his head up and to never give up.

    Da Bears! ;)

  4. LOL! He has a food visit this Thursday so my parents are heading down. The prison is having this 4-H thing and Gary was one of the inmates accepted so he will get to play with my boys on a not so strict level! We are excited. He is working in the puppies for parole program also!

    Voted for your pic, best of luck, keep an eye out for a gloat or a humble the bears won! I'm voting for PACK!
    I'll let him know you said Hello, and to keep his head up. Please pray for him and his relationship with God, he struggles with the fact people will go to hell even if they are good people!

    Because He Lives,
    Kassie Cannon